Since my freshman year of high school, musical theater has been one of my greatest passions. I have served as a music director for over 20 productions in the past five years with a variety of community theaters, schools, and youth programs. My résumé, as well as a complete listing of my credits, can be found here.

Myself and Audrey II (Bryan Smith) during a performance of  Little Shop of Horrors   (  Moonstruck Theater Company  , October 2013)

Myself and Audrey II (Bryan Smith) during a performance of Little Shop of Horrors (Moonstruck Theater Company, October 2013)

The title of "Music Director" can include several different duties, which of course vary from production to production. From my own personal experience, these may include:

  • Teaching music to the cast
  • Playing for all rehearsals and performances
  • Conducting the show
  • Organizing/hiring the orchestra
  • Editing/rearranging music
  • Programming keyboards
  • Overall, being responsible for the musical integrity of each performance and maintaining it over the course of a run.

If you are interested in my services for your next production, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Below you can watch Moonstruck Theater Company being featured on "Standing Room Only" on WERS for our production of Little Shop of Horrors. In this behind-the-scenes clip (with high-quality audio!) we perform "Git It", "Suddenly Seymour", and "Don't Feed the Plants". I accompany on piano.